"All you can do now is laugh" - Raheem SterlingFunny how things change. Football has adopted a welcoming nature to encourage young players into the game, to build a wall to protect their young players from the media and abuse. Extensive campaigns to show that "yes we are a community, yes we accept races of [...]


The race is on... Is what I should be saying regarding the race for the title, but since Liverpool are definitely going to bottle that let's divert our focus to the top 4. Four teams fight, only two spots remain. Alexa, Play Survivor - Eye of the Tiger. In one corner we have London's most [...]

Hitters In Paris.

The "Come Back Kings" are finally back at it again ! Having turned their season around, you just have to allow the Red Devils to reclaim their title. From sitting 11 points behind the top 4 to fighting for 3rd; notwithstanding the fact that they just beat PSG against all the odds ! Shocking scene's [...]

Real Demise – Pun Intended.

 “Here lies the team that made history... A humiliating end to an unrepeatable era.” - Marca.Alexa play Adele- Someone Like You Who would have thought Cristiano Ronaldo was the glue that held Real Madrid together? Well, everyone with eyes I guess. The downfall of Europe's most elite; sad to say the least! Occupying the majority [...]